Sensation & Satisfaction

A great many correspondents such as Jay (Atomage 9, Page 21) have graphically described the sensations and satisfactions of dressing up and wearing our disguises for long periods. Most enjoyable reading and encouraging to find one shares a common interest


My wife and I have just received No. 10 and are very pleased to see that you are continuously trying to introduce new ideas about the modern way of dressing with materials which are well-known to everyone, but used in

Rain Lover

I have been a rubber lover for over 30 years, a leather addict for twelve years and became a convert to vinyl recently when I bought a super-soft, smooth and completely odourless suit (jacket and trousers) in Germany. Atomage is,

Rubber In Winter

My favourite double layers of black wigan described in my letter ‘Rubber Sunday’ (Atomage 9) give equally pleasurable, though different sensations when there is snow on the ground outside, as there is today when I am writing this. No matter

Stimulating Suits

With such world-wide interest in these subjects your magazine could easily be of immeasurable help in focussing scientific research which could open a whole new field of knowledge and universally useable techniques for mental and physical relaxation and rejuvenation.