Marvellous Masks

I assume that every woman must have developed beyond the state of “close your eyes and think of England”, and is now convinced that she, as well as the man, has a right to enjoy love and that lovemaking can be enriched by changes so as to keep it exciting – for surely love is an art as well as a basic human need. Continue reading “Marvellous Masks”

Cycle Wear

Before the war, I remember my father used to wear leg length, soft rubber overboots for his motor cycle. My mother and I used to travel with him in the side car and we went all over the country at weekends and at holiday time in all sorts of weather. The long rubber boots were pulled on over his trousers and shoes and fastened to the waist with straps. Then he pulled on over his head a rubber cover-all that had a flap which came from behind between his legs and clipped with two press studs at the front. A pair of wrist length gauntlets made in leather went over the sleeves which were also press-studded at the wrists. His leather helmet had a sort of skirt so that water would not run down the neck of the over-all, and this clipped and under his chin. Continue reading “Cycle Wear”