Meet Half Way

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy your pages and am prodded by them regularly, I do get the feeling that you still see Mrs. Average as her Victorian counterpart used to be. Most men I know (very few of whom have heard

Our Pleasure

There are certain subjects which, in the past, have been taboo: wearing rubber, leather, PVC to name but three. Whenever people who wear these materials meet they seem to discuss the matter in low tones. We do not. Most Saturdays


What interests me is other couples where the wife wears rubber as a sort of domestic discipline – that is she wears it under protest and possibly with some coercion. There are women I have seen who wear rubber very

Latex Photos

Although bondage generally leaves me cold, I have tried one of the ploys of the author of S.B. (Supplement 15) and that is of dressing in a latex suit, covering it with ordinary clothes and then walking in public. I

Feeling Conspicous

I have questioned my wife about her dislike of mackintoshes and all I obtained were the stock answers: she does not like the smell, she likes even less the fact that the smell clings to her other clothes, they are


I am interested in your magazine which was shown to me by a friend at the office. I am 21 years old, and have been married for two years to a terrific girl who loves wearing leather, but when I

My Attraction

I am a man in my forties, happily married to a hard-working wife for 20 years and the father of two good-mannered and nice children. Our only, and real, problem is my own feeling towards, and the need for stimulation