My Introduction

Although I had been messing about with rubber gloves and latex football bladders for some time, my first real contact with latex clothing was about two years ago after I had been reading one of the “Girly mags”. This contained

Night Wading

We have only just moved to a hilly area with a lot of streams and small lakes, but the only trouble is that it is highly populated. So about two weeks after we moved in, my wife and I went

Wading Enthusiast

I recently obtained for the first time a copy of “Rubberist” (No. 4) and felt I should like to express my appreciation. The wading picture on page 5 by Tony G. are superb – just what I like – and

Sharing Our Pleasure

Sarah and I wanted to share another of our rubber love-sessions with you, hoping that they give you some pleasure too. It is a delight for us to set about putting on rubber, deciding what outfits we will wear, what

Just For Fun

In July 1984 I was staying with my friend Carole whilst her widowed father was away on holiday. I was looking through some magazines and came upon two copies of ‘The Rubberist’. Carole had told me that her father had

Dressed Up

I have recently bought a rubber suit from Sealwear and it is just superb. They are certainly very clever and the workmanship is excellent. It is made of heavy (maximum weight) black rubber with built in feet but minus gloves.