Helen Henley Atomage A5 Edition 21

The most interesting part of working for Atomage is the people one meets. Almost without exception I have found them to be charming, courteous, cultivated and highly intelligent; far more so than most of the folk I meet in the course of my other daily work. And this remark applies to the ladies as well as the men. Of course, you will appreciate I have met more males than females, because of the male ‘penchant’ for our materials. I am inclined to think that their very sensitivity creates this very penchant for certain things and objects which are then related to their sexual drive. Continue reading “Helen Henley Atomage A5 Edition 21”

Helen Henley Atomage A5 Edition 18

My first efforts as a columnist seems to have met with approval although I was looking for a greater response from women readers. Mind you, my remarks about almost all women disliking wearing thing over their face seems to have struck a common chord. I have now hard from several more ladies who agree they only don the mask or gasmask to please him, although one told me of a close friend who really likes wearing a gasmask for love making. Apparently the echo of her own breathing inside the mask intensifies the pleasure and she is very grateful to her husband for introducing her to the practice! Continue reading “Helen Henley Atomage A5 Edition 18”

Helen Henley Atomage A5 Edition 17

Helen Henley has the unenviable job of translating our scribble into a form which our long suffering printer can read and understand. Apart from constantly criticising our grammar and spelling she is always complaining that we never really give the female point of view or encourage our female readers to write in with their views. She seemed to have a point and to shut her up we have given her these pages with complete freedom to express her own views, select her own items and photographs. Anyone who wants to write to her – male or female – or submit photographs or ideas should do so direct to her c/o this office. Don’t bother us, except to write to ask when we are going to sack her. Continue reading “Helen Henley Atomage A5 Edition 17”