Helen Henley wrote a regular column in the Atomage magazines, please click on the links below to read the articles in full.

On Monday 29th May 2006 Helen’s article from Atomage International Edition 10 was added, we now have all the columns that Helen Henley wrote in the Atomage A5 format and Atomage International magazines.

Atomage A5 Edition 17I must admit to being very intrigued at seeing the styles in the catalogues, especially for latex wear….
Atomage A5 Edition 18Apparently the echo of her own breathing inside the mask intensifies the pleasure….
Atomage A5 Edition 19I must say that my remarks about my lack of enthusiasm for masks and feeling cold when wearing rubber….
Atomage A5 Edition 20It hardly seems possible that on Midsummer day I was wearing overknee boots and my black vinyl overcoat….
Atomage A5 Edition 21The most interesting part of working for Atomage is the people one meets….
Atomage A5 Edition 22After wearing a mask for several hours and lovemaking I must go to the hairdressers yet again….
Atomage A5 Edition 23A woman who has enjoyed a good sex life and achieved orgasm will much more readily accept ‘deviation’….
Atomage A5 Edition 24I should hate to appear in Bond Street in green waders….
Atomage A5 Edition 25Instead of something like a diving suit consider a loose, soft latex gown….
Atomage A5 Edition 26She was almost speechless with ecstasy….
Atomage A5 Edition 27I am increasingly mystified by the nature and the compulsion to certain materials….
Atomage A5 Edition 29They might wake up about tea time and wonder if the wife might fancy a sexual encounter, perhaps dressed in a latex suit….
Atomage A5 Edition 30If he is a better lover with us both in rubber suits, coats and high rubber boots, then what the hell!….
Atomage A5 Edition 31John Sutcliffe claims you can get into a latex suit in under 3 minutes, by first turning it inside out and rolling it up from the feet….
Atomage A5 Edition 32My suggestion would be an array of rubber outfits, boots, and masks and gloves that would all get him wildly enthusiastic….
Atomage Supplement No 16Among my own fantasies is one of being whipped and then tied spreadeagled on a bed….
Atomage International Edition 1Rubber itself creates no positive reaction in me, but being hooded and bound does….
Atomage International Edition 2‘Dressing for Pleasure’ should be a means of helping couples to relate to each other sexually….
Atomage International Edition 3Sexual contact without SM and leather is totally without meaning….
Atomage International Edition 4‘Dressing for pleasure’ interests seem so totally acceptable and normal….
Atomage International Edition 5What impresses me is the view of deviation and sexual satisfaction….
Atomage International Edition 6If you want to experience and explore your sexuality, then it requires an effort beyond curiosity….
Atomage International Edition 7The leatherwear though was what really appealed to me….
Atomage International Edition 8How can I get my wife to like wearing rubber in the rain….
Atomage International Edition 9He even thinks I might be capable of writing the sexual history of the world….
Atomage International Edition 10At a time when a man can indulge himself anywhere he chooses, a woman must think what it is he can’t get in life and provide that….