As well as containing lots of pictures the Atomage magazines also carried up to the minute news items and various articles, below are a selection of articles from the Atomage publications.

Updated on 12th June 2010 with an article entitled “Cruel Streak” from Atomage Supplement Edition 16.

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Atomage A5
Edition 5 – Page 5Let’s Like LeatherThey must be queer, kinky, certainly a little depraved and, at the very least, operate a torture chamber in the cellar….
Edition 5 – Page 37Dressing To PleaseBelieve me, wearing the vinyl coats, the leather outfits, have all done more for my ego in the last two years than anything….
Edition 5 – Page 44Glory Of Mackintosh And LeatherThe rain beats against your leather and your mackintosh like a living force….
Edition 6 – Page 20WaterproofI like to wear a fine latex next to my skin….
Edition 6 – Page 42Wife’s AttitudeRubber, latex, leather and PVC are not perversions of sexual outcasts….
Edition 7 – Page 5Love of LeatherSome say the love of leather is indefinable….
Edition 7 – Page 15Don’t Tear That SuitNever sit down and try to pull on a tight latex suit like you pull on a pair of trousers….
Edition 7 – Page 48Plea to WivesI also think that if a wife approaches the subject in the proper manner she will enjoy it….
Edition 8 – Page 15Totally EnclosedRubber and latex, on the other hand, have a far better feel on the body and are more like the second skin….
Edition 8 – Page 35Mack In To LeatherWe have read so much about husbands and boy-friends persuading their wives and girl-friends by varying devious ways to wear rubber….
Edition 8 – Page 45Smell and SoundVery little has been said in Atomage about the smell and sound of the materials you so justifiably enthuse over….
Edition 9 – Page 4Love Of LeatherLeather with its supple, soft sensuousness is a very appealing material….
Edition 9 – Page 21Rubber SundayIt’s nine o’clock on a heatwave Sunday morning, and I am dressed in rubber….
Edition 9 – Page 30Masks And HelmetsIf there is a common factor, it is the need to be totally enclosed….
Edition 9 – Page 38Rubber BootsPerhaps you could give me some advice?….
Edition 10 – Page 19Cycle WearI have tried a heavy loose latex suit which split within a month….
Edition 10 – Page 24Marvellous MasksDressed in a black catsuit, a black latex mask hood, and are prepared and able to do things without embarrassment….
Edition 10 – Page 33Love Of LatexWhat has gleaming rubber got that other materials have not….
Edition 11 – Page 21Concerto For RubberMy wife thinks I am quite mad but….
Edition 11 – Page 24Exciting RubberRubber – what a lovely exciting word and the very thought of its soft, smooth feel inspires me….
Edition 11 – Page 26Leather Against The SkinThis is my week-end attire and the lovely clinging feel to the skin is soothing in the extreme….
Edition 11 – Page 26Leather TypesLovers of leather surely come in two varieties….
Edition 11 – Page 33Leather Turn OnIt may be the curve of a girl’s derriere closely clad in shiny black leather….
Edition 11 – Page 47Personal StoryIn some curious way black, shiny raincoats and boots had helped me to fall in love….
Edition 12 – Page 22Why (some) Women WontI would not mind catering for sexual whims and fantasies….
Edition 12 – Page 33Stimulating SuitsI use a system of rubber air bladders and tubes inside the suit….
Edition 12 – Page 35Rubber In WinterAs the second mac and rubber jeans go on….
Edition 12 – Page 35Rain LoverI thoroughly enjoy wearing leather every week-day of my life….
Edition 12 – Page 38AcceptanceRubber is certainly exciting for sexual games….
Edition 12 – Page 40Sensation And SatisfactionI like her to help me on with my latex suit which is so tight fitting….
Edition 13 – Page 13Photo AlbumEncased in rubber mac and boots, hooded and masked….
Edition 13 – Page 14Capes And Loose RubberThe true rubber wearer’s wardrobe follows a set list of essentials….
Edition 13 – Page 20Sexy RobotI did not have to respond to anyone if I didn’t want….
Edition 13 – Page 44Wakened (A Short Story)I collect a soft kiss before she closes me in the face helmet….
Edition 13 – Page 51Lady In RubberThe full-length, skin-tight rubber suit is in complete accordance with my tastes….
Edition 14 – Page 54AttractionBefore I married her she had never even heard of rubber fetishism….
Edition 14 – Page 56ContrastsYour rubber nun is super….
Edition 14 – Page 58Two SkinsHave any of your readers thought of a suit made of leather, lined with latex?….
Edition 14 – Page 60Readers’ GamesIt seems to me that you have two sorts of readers….
Edition 15 – Page 53Womb Or TombThe very word ‘rubber’ excites me….
Edition 15 – Page 56Rubber MasochismTo wear boots to please a man is indecent….
Edition 16 – Page 37Ecstasy In RubberThere is an ecstasy in rubber….
Edition 16 – Page 42Personality And ConventionsOf course I like to see a lady dressed in elegant leather (or even rubber)….
Edition 17 – Page 14Leather LureShe entered wearing a fabulous black leather suit….
Edition 17 – Page 54Totally EnclosedI was looking at a lady totally encased in latex rubber….
Edition 18 – Page 41AphrodisiacMy wife is not interested in wearing rubber or vinyl….
Edition 18 – Page 44Sexual PerformanceAn aspect of dressing for pleasure which intrigues me….
Edition 19 -Page 47Search For EmpathyHave some ladies broken the barrier without their partners recognising the fact….
Edition 20 – Page 30Riding BreechesI feel that leather is at its most effective when used in a garment with both tightness and fullness….
Edition 20 – Page 37Wet Is BeautifulThe rain was going down inside my industrial gauntlets but I did not care….
Edition 20 – Page 50Rubber EveningMy wife and I dress up in rubber, with or without gas masks, on certain evenings of the month….
Edition 21 – Page 37A Woman’s ViewI am not a prude and not easily shocked….
Edition 21 – Page 40Another SkinLike a substantial portion of your customers and readers, I am afflicted with a craving for the unusual….
Edition 21 – Page 46All In One CapeSo where do all these hundreds of rubber garments go?….
Edition 22 – Page 22Dream Come TrueMy husband didn’t know anything about my feelings for rubber….
Edition 22 – Page 50Reaction To LeatherI love wearing leather which I came to quite late in life, and I find that I never want to take it off….
Edition 23 – Page 46Styles Of 1950She appeared carrying a pale blue rubber lined mackintosh….
Edition 23 – Page 48Cold TouchThe appeal that rubber has for me is mainly due to its look and its feel….
Edition 23 – Page 51My Life With LatexHere are some personal ideas on latex and what it means to me….
Edition 23 – Page 57Mysterious MistressEver since that time I have been ‘turned on’ by rubber; rubber worn from tip to toe including the head….
Edition 24 – Page 22Not NaturalAll this rubber stuff is not natural….
Edition 24 – Page 28Evil DisguiseMasks to me are very important….
Edition 24 – Page 46Masks Are AidsThe pleasure my wife and I get from wearing gas masks….
Edition 24 – Page 54Rubber Turn OnI also do experiments in which when one wears rubber….
Edition 25 – Page 26Clean LeatherIt took me years to get my wife to wear a leather all-over suit and mask….
Edition 25 – Page 37EnlightenmentWhen we were courting she would always wear or carry a PVC raincoat….
Edition 25 – Page 45Made For The HomeThe guilt is associated with rubber being a sexual stimulus….
Edition 26The Story Of RainwearA detailed history of rainwear over the last 150 years.
Edition 26 – Page 57Tight GarmentsIt really hugs all the way down but is of the most superb leather….
Edition 26 – Page 60Prevent PerishingA problem that crops up frequently with wearing rubber clothing is that it tends to perish unless care is taken with it….
Edition 26 – Page 63High HeelsI am very interested in women who wear high heeled shoes and high heeled boots….
Edition 27 – Page 43BedtimeI have always enjoyed wearing rubber but my wife much less so….
Edition 27 – Page 46Anti GasWe wear gas masks and rubber protection gear for long periods….
Edition 27 – Page 46Men’s FashionsAs far as purely rubber and latex garments are concerned….
Edition 27 – Page 48Perfect MaterialTo understand the relationship between man and rubber….
Edition 27 – Page 49Candid CommentsI am of the opinion that it veers against women dressing to please their men….
Edition 28 – Page 7HandicapsSo many readers write to say they wear their suits all day and often all night….
Edition 28 – Page 28Dressing For Pleasure‘Dressing for Pleasure’ is a delightful form of sexual exhibitionism….
Edition 28 – Page 31My AttractionNever before have I openly stated to anyone my feelings towards rubber….
Edition 28 – Page 34My OutfitI have just donned a complete rubber outfit and am taking down these notes to describe it to you….
Edition 28 – Page 65FrightenedI suggested once that she wore just her high heeled, long leg boots and leather coat….
Edition 30 – Page 15Feeling ConspicuousI have questioned my wife about her dislike of mackintoshes….
Edition 30 – Page 41Latex PhotosDressing in a latex suit, covering it with ordinary clothes and then walking in public….
Edition 30 – Page 46Leather CareAs you probably know there could never be too many gas masks for me….
Edition 31 – Page 42DisciplineThere are women I have seen who wear rubber very frequently….
Edition 32 – Page 57Our PleasureI am then ready for any type of evening you can imagine….
Edition 32 – Page 58Meet Half WaySurely it is up to women to come half-way over to meet their husband’s interests in leather, vinyl or rubber or at least discuss it….


Atomage Supplement
Edition 2 – Page 10Sense Of PeaceDressed in a tight fitting suit, hooded, silenced, and strapped quite helplessly….
Edition 2 – Page 12Skin TightI would then stick a compressed air hose into one sleeve and inflate the whole thing like a balloon….
Edition 3 – Page 13Pool SlaveWe have a special room with fitted cupboards which contain different costumes in rubber and latex….
Edition 4 – Page 17Bondage Suit For TwoI would like to be able to restrain and dress my wife….
Edition 4 – Page 19My FascinationDrawn to rubber and bondage as a moth to a flame….
Edition 4 – Page 20Exciting EscapeOur escape into the world of leather is exciting and therapeutic….
Edition 6 – Page 4Five HoursIt is a slow business because of the thick gloves and heavy chains…..
Edition 6 – Page 14Audio BondageI am currently experimenting with small microphones set down inside my boots and inside the suit and helmet…..
Edition 7 – Page 11Interspacial EnclosureAn adaptation of a skin diver’s respirator is recommended…..
Edition 9 – Page 18Help WantedOccasionally I ask if there is anything bondage-wise that turns her on…..
Edition 12 – Page 14Fear and PleasureOver the years I have been tied up by rank amateurs and experts alike…..
Edition 12 – Page 20Slave ReactionsBooted, and with three pairs of gloves, a latex mask, and over it a leather helmet…..
Edition 14 – Page 11Love HarnessAll sorts of variations were possible but with the complete strapped outfit it was almost impossible to move…..
Edition 16 – Page 14Cruel StreakMy wife sees my deviations from the normal routine as being something that caters for my animal instincts and I think she gets quite frightened…..(Added 12th June 2010)
Edition 16 – Page 22Fact Not FictionThe wearer is then shown a number of different hoods…..
Edition 17 – Page 22Ladies In RubberSubmission to shiny black rubber becomes more complete as the hours go by…..
Edition 17 – Page 22Underwater BondageThe material is fairly stiff and is green rubber outside and black rubber inside…..
Edition 17 – Page 25InflatablesI have always been passionately fond of inflatable’s…..
Edition 18 – Page 6Cautious ConvertWhen I am strapped in my rubber suit tightly chained to the bed, gagged, bound and blindfolded…..
Edition 18 – Page 10Our PleasureShe pulls on a thick latex suit, feet attached, and with a two inch double thickness at the wrists…..
Edition 19 – Page 10Secret ThoughtsI am totally at the mercy of someone else, held in a total vacuum, a mind in limbo….
Edition 19 – Page 19Underwater BondageThe girl was very keen to try it out after I had suggested it….(Added 13th February 2010)
Edition 20 – Page 6Needs Of Nature IGloves, too, are a problem especially when tightly strapped to file wrists…..
Edition 20 – Page 6Needs Of Nature IIThe first time I experimented in this way I wore a two-piece latex suit without feet….
Edition 20 – Page 12Building A RackThis is my method of converting a standard double divan bed into a horizontal rack on which the ‘slave’ can be stretched….(Added 9th January 2010)
Edition 20 – Page 14Slow AwakeningWhen eventually she agrees to wear something – if only out of curiosity – order a loose cat-suit or lounging suit in thin latex….


Atomage International
Edition 1 – Page 43Rubber PersonalityShe loves to wear rubber clothing. The more layers the better….
Edition 1 – Page 44Question WhyIt would be interesting to know ‘why rubber, why leather, why bondage’….
Edition 1 – Page 45My OutfitFirst, I put on a pair of tight fitting black rubber pants….
Edition 1 – Page 47In The StreetSo many unusual rubber and other garments are sold by the specialist houses and yet so few are ever seen being worn in public….
Edition 2 – Page 34Mud LarkingPerhaps none of your readers has tried what we do….
Edition 2 – Page 19Loving CareHe likes rubber, he likes me to wear them for him….
Edition 2 – Page 24Two EnthusiastsPerhaps they don’t realise the sexy thrill of wearing, hearing, seeing and smelling the enclosure of rubber….
Edition 2 – Page 33From Down UnderShe didn’t see anything wrong with wearing rubber clothes….
Edition 2 – Page 34Gas MasksIt is interesting to note how many people apparently enjoy making love while wearing gas masks….
Edition 4 – Page 34Rubber SweatPerhaps none of your readers has tried what we do….
Edition 4 – Page 38Women And RubberIt really is a pity that so few women appear to like rubber….
Edition 5 – Page 50My CollectionI have a very tight catsuit made in thick latex with a crotch opening….
Edition 7 – Page 30Rubber RecollectionsMy interest in rubber goes back to my early teens at least….
Edition 7What Limits?My girlfriend is incapable of following me to where I would like to go…. My latest acquisitions are a mask and enema pants from Bryan Reed….
Edition 8 – Page 26Motor Cycling NostalgiaPure rubber nostalgia really….
Edition 8 – Page 28Riding MacsI asked if that meant a whipping, but she said not officially….
Edition 8 – Page 36Rubber LiningThe sophisticated rubber mackintosh of the thirties lacked nothing in sensual provocation….
Edition 9 – Page 19Leather AttractionI would advise getting dressed up in whatever leather gear you have….
Edition 10 – Page 26Gloves And BootsI was very intrigued with latex and total enclosure….


Atomage Rubberist
Edition 3 – Page 20The Woman’s ViewpointI love dressing in my rubber suit….
Edition 3 – Page 21Rubber DiscoveryNow dressing for pleasure is the most natural thing the world….
Edition 3 – Page 24Changing TimesThere is still one type of mackintosh proofed with rubber….
Edition 4 – Page 23Dressed UpA rather short zip runs from the stomach up to the mouth where a hood covers the whole head….
Edition 4 – Page 32Just For FunHe asked me to put on his thick blue rubber pyjamas….
Edition 5 – Page 13Rubber EnigmaHow can one differentiate between a satin nightdress and a latex one?….
Edition 5 – Page 14Sharing Our PleasureIn most of our rubber games, we like to be gagged….
Edition 5 – Page 20Wading EnthusiastI always wear rubber socks, rubber briefs….
Edition 5 – Page 21Night WadingIt was quite interesting, and we both wore hip boots….
Edition 5 – Page 24My IntroductionI had been messing about with rubber gloves and latex football bladders for some time….