Gas Masks

It is interesting to note how many people apparently enjoy making love while wearing gas masks: 18 out of 71 pictures in Atomage are with gasmasks, some them indicating that lovemaking may be in progress. Although I have a liking for gasmasks, I would feel that in actual love making, it is good to have the mouth uncovered, as it can both give and receive so much pleasure! Of course, you may have the moment of enjoyment when you take the mask off. I find it more sexy when the head is covered with a tight-fitting latex mask which leaves only the mouth free; this emphasises and heightens sensitivity by excluding sight. Interestingly, this type of hood is much less common than most others. Continue reading “Gas Masks”

From Down Under

Both Karla and I are enthusiastic readers of Atomage and we think it’s the best magazine on the subject of rubber and leather. As for myself, I have always been keen on all aspects of the rubber and leather scene. I enjoy both wearing it and seeing other people wearing it. As for Karla, she wasn’t always that keen. In fact, at first, she thought I was a bit of a nut case. It wasn’t until we visited Brian and Val, some friends of ours, to play cards that things changed. After playing cards for a while, Karla and Val went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee for us. Whilst in the kitchen, Val mentioned to Karla that she (Karla) looked downhearted, to which my wife replied that before coming out we had had an argument over a black rubber mackintosh, which I had bought for her from South Bucks Rainwear. She then told Val how I had this craze about rubberwear. To cut a long story short, it turned out that Val said to Karla that she didn’t see anything wrong with wearing rubber clothes and if her husband was fond of rubber, like I was, she would wear it for him. In fact, what turned out to be Brian’s ‘thing’ was Val dressed in nothing but a thin cotton dress, then taking a shower and being soaked to the skin. Val explained that she and Brian often did that. From that time on, Karla and I have had a wonderful relationship, and it gets better as time goes on. I must admit though that Karla prefers loose fitting garments rather than skin tight ones. Continue reading “From Down Under”

Two Enthusiasts

My wife and I were very flattered to have our pictures chosen for your new masterwork Atomage International No. 1. We were pleased with your headline ‘Two Enthusiasts’ and to have our pictures and our thoughts produced in this, the best rubber magazine in the world. We are not ashamed to have our pictures in this magazine because all the views are so honest, and you do not pretend or fake pictures as so many magazines do. Because we are not ashamed to appear in your magazine or think that there is anything guilty or perverted about our interests, we are happy to send you more pictures for publication. Continue reading “Two Enthusiasts”

Loving Care

The psychologists have written a lot as far as sex is concerned and there is a theme and theory that it is linked to two basic needs: sadism and masochism. These two potential ‘strengths’ fight within us. Sexualism starts in the human being at the earliest stages from the first days of life, some moments in our lives being more important than others sexually and can cause strange needs in our adult life. Continue reading “Loving Care”

Mud Larking

We have a distinct liking for rubber since leather prices are so high. We wear latex leotards – first one, then stretch rubber chest waders with stocking feet: then a 3/16 in. thick two piece wet suit with attached hood. Last of all go on knee high boots and elbow length gloves.

But instead of staying dry we endeavour to get wet inside after mud larking in chest deep mud of a consistency of thick soup. This is followed by a romp in water to cleanse ourselves. Then we go to our warm bath for an inside-suit warm water soaking.

Perhaps none of your readers has tried what we do. It is a lot of fun to get the warm water inside the suits and then warm up gradually. Perhaps Helen should note that latex suits. if tight, are cold, but if you can get air inside and keep the suit tight, then they are warm. We do this about twice a week in cold weather and more in the warmer weather. I only wish we lived nearer to a river or a lake as we used to do, then we went out every night, particularly after the hard rains.

– D.W.K (U.S.A.)

In The Street

As one who enjoys dressing for pleasure I have always been very intrigued by seeing anyone else in the street who appears to dress in a way which is non-standard and looks as though it can only be attributes to a fascination for being different. Continue reading “In The Street”

My Outfit

I am a keen latex lover but, unfortunately, cannot send you any photographs as I have no one to share my interest with. However, perhaps a description of one of my favourite outfits will suffice. Continue reading “My Outfit”

Question Why

I am not sure whether I think it is worthwhile to find out the ‘why’ of ‘dressing for pleasure’. It has genuinely worried me for the greater part of my life why we arc deviated from what is generally thought to be the normal way of life and sex. Why I should get a greater thrill while fornicating or making love play dressed in rubber, or bound helplessly in rubber, or leather, or whatever, than I would get merely romping naked beneath the sheets? I have come to realise that I would quite enjoy romping beneath the sheets, naked, with a woman who was completely aware of my ‘weaknesses’ rather than with one who was not aware. That is another way of saying, of course, that it is far better to make love to someone who understands every aspect of your being than merely with a tart. But in so many cases, one will find men who cannot seem to get down to the nitty-gritty in their communication with their wife. or loved one; perhaps it is the same vice versa too, (I wouldn’t know that). Continue reading “Question Why”

Slow Awakening

I’m becoming increasingly annoyed and dismayed by the increasing number of letters from male readers who moan and complain that girls do not like rubber, that it’s only a male prerogative, and why does his wife or girlfriend not allow him to dress her in heavy tight rubber, with a gas mask and hood, and hang her upside-down from the chandelier? To be serious for a brief moment, I’m certain this is largely their own fault. Continue reading “Slow Awakening”